Go Time 3-6

Spring has come and gone.

Spring has come and gone. It’s tickled your tummy and passed through your colon. It’s brought you flowers and left you petals on the floor.But alas, spring won’t go away unappreciated or unloved. For spring has placed the gift of exciting adventure and life-changing experiences for several groups of young men who ride surfboards.

The following pages are quick glances back at moments that made Spring 2001 a season to remember. Even though there’s no “Girls Gone Wild” or “Coed College Girls With Wet T-shirts And G-strings,” there’re still some great surf-trip stories. Wait a second-I guess we screwed up, sorry.-C.C.

Wouldn’t It Be Great To Be Famous?

Being as famous as Michael Jackson would be tough-even if you were doing something normal like buying the Elephant Man’s bones for a million dollars, people would always be up in your face wondering what the hell you’re doing. So let’s say it would be great to be kind of famous, like Freddie Prinze Jr.

Freddie Prinze Jr. can’t even go to the store to buy chocolate without people looking at him and whispering stuff like, “Hey, look. That’s Freddie Prinze Jr. He looks a lot shorter in real life,” or “Look at that. Freddie Prinze Jr.’s ass looks a lot better in I Know What You Did Last Summer.”

Well, maybe you wouldn’t want to be Freddie Prinze Jr., but what about Dustin Quizon? He just got the cover of the new TransWorld SURF. He’s already pretty famous, but now maybe Joe Surf Poseur from Asscraque, Mississippi will see that cover and say, “Wowie! Lookit this guy, Dunstin Queezon. He’s shreddin’, man.”

For this reason, we decided every photo in this month’s photo section will be a cover. If you happen to be one of the guys featured in our photo section, simply cut out your picture, glue it over the front cover, and start showing everybody your cover shot. There you go. Fame is relative-some people have it all, some have some, others have a little, and the rest can just pretend.

As for the other side of fame, we convinced the infamous “acquitted” slasher O.J. Simpson to answer the letters section for us. Also, we’ve got Brad Gerlach’s brush with fame, some famous fishermen, and more-or less.-C.C.