Gold Coast Surfer Breaks Pelvis While Towing In

A broken pelvis bone followed by a helicopter rescue? Ouch!

As reported on (check the video there it's pretty dramatic)

Gold Coast Surfer Rescue

A MAN was winched by helicopter from South Stradbroke Island in a dramatic rescue after getting dumped by a huge wave and being dragged to land by his childhood friend as he drifted in and out of consciousness.

Matt Daley, 20, had gone across to Stradbroke Island for a surf with his mate Jay Button early yesterday morning.

Jay was riding a jet-ski and Matt was surfing on South Stradbroke when Jay saw him get dumped by a huge wave about 9am. He then surfaced screaming, suffering a suspected broken pelvis.

“He was blacking out and I pulled him on to on to jet-ski and took him to shore,” he said. “He was really bad, shivering and coming in and out (of conciouness), I wasn’t really scared was just acting on instinct.