Goldcoast Skateboards’ “Develop Your Eye” Photo Show Launches In Melbourne, Australia


St. Kilda, Melbourne – On Friday November 19, 2010 GoldCoast Skateboards held it’s first “Develop Your Eye” photography exhibition, a showcase of six personalities of the Australian Surf and Skate scene through the lenses of disposable cameras.

The six people chosen to participate in the event were:
-Rick Baker: Editor and Creative Director of Pop Magazine
-Mitch Crews: Word Junior Champion Surfer
-Riley Blakeway: Cinematographer
-Trevor King: Surf and Fashion Photographer Extraordinaire
-Liam Kaska: One of Australia’s best Skate and Snowboard Photographers
LifeWithoutAndy: The website that makes you want to party.

The six were each given a disposable camera and charged with documenting a week of their lives in 36 exposures. The results were as fascinating and varied as the people themselves. “This event really ties together all the things GoldCoast is based on: Skate/Surf Culture, Travel, and Film Photography. Seeing what everyone chose to shoot was really exciting.” Said Chris Brunstetter, GoldCoast’s Marketing Director.


Paul Colby, director of the event, wanted to create something that would introduce the GoldCoast brand to Australia in a way that was very personalized. “The best part about this concept, is that it shows off the talented people right in our backyard, but can be done anywhere with just as much success.”

The show was held at The Vinyard, a well known hangout in St. Kilda. The patio served as the gallery and showroom, the inside bar served up the party. Reps, retailers, industry insiders packed the house with locals and passers by who recognized a good time.

The photos will now hit the road, popping up at GoldCoast Skateboard retailers across the country. You can check out everyone’s shots at