Gossip For The Bros 1-22-01

New Gossip For The Bros 1-22-01

Arnette’s Jim “Pinkachu” Pinkerton called to say the company’s hired Mr. Chris Drummy as their field team manager.

Dragon News From “El Chuy Loco” who said the team had an incredible year. On the Dragon WCT front, not only did Shane Dorian win the Billabong Pro at Mundaka, but he also took second at the Eddie Aikau Memorial at Waimea, came in second in the Surfer Poll, and finished the season fourth overall. Rob Machado took first at Lacanau, first in Portugal, and first at Pipeline, and finished the year third overall. In the QS world Mick Fanning and Fred Patacchia just missed making the tour by a few spots-their first try on the tour! Fred did the tour while finishing high school.On the Grom front, Dustin Cuizon took first at the Jr. Pro Cadet in Australia, Dane Reynolds is second NSSA Southwest Open Jr ratings, Julian Mullins is third in the NSSA Southwest Open Jr ratings, Che Stang is fourth in the Southwest Explorer Junior Ratings.

[IMAGE 1]SPY welcomes 22 year old David Pinto to its surf team which includes ASP World Champ Sunny Garcia, Keith Malloy, Chris Malloy, Seth Elmer, and Pascal Stansfield. David’s other sponsors include SPY, Hurley, Channel Islands Surfboards, Ocean and Earth, and Killer Dana. He recently broke his tibia near the ankle, but is on the road to recovery. He’s mentally preparing himself for the upcoming contests in Oz. Get well soon David!

On the Hawaii front, TransWorld Hawaii Editor Pete Johnson relayed some bad news starting with Dan Malloy. Dan took a heavy drop on a 20-foot wave at Himalayas and consequently dislocated his shoulder. Dustin Cuizon nearly drowned after a heavy Backdoor fall and spent a night in the hospital. Petey also said everyone taking part in the 20-foot tow-ins received a ticket on their way in. Apparently it was a big news item over there. Lets hope everyone stays safe over there.

Counter Culture recently beefed up their team with Kauai’s Dustin Barca and Huntington’s Jesse Evans. According to Team Manager Scott Banuelos, there’s more additions to come.

Every now and then surfers pick up insane sponsors that have nothing to do with surfing yet is something everyone definitely loves. Bruce Irons, Benji Weatherly, and Jun Jo were lucky enough to get picked up by Red Bull. Santa Cruz Photographer Dave Nelson came all the way down to the TransWorld offices to get schooled at ping-pong and then blame it on food poisoning. Matt Rockhold’s next.

Electric News
Congrat’s to Electric’s Paul Paterson who took 3rd place at 20-foot WaimeaBay in the Eddie Aikau event held at 20-foot Waimea Bay! Paul took the “drop of the event”, freefalling into a 20-foot wave behind the peak and somehow managed to pull it off. Electric Hawaiian rep Clint Moncata-Sara and Surf Manager Dale Sabate had the Electric tent posted up on the beach the entire event for some epic Volt viewing and prime location (the only company allowed to do so)!

Rusty News from Team Manager Jason “Haji-Moto-San” Vanderhoof Wardo went do to Argentina today for the WQS, and then he’s off to Brazil for more contests, then back here for the Cold Water Classic. CJ Hobgood is off to Puerto Rico on Wednesday to do some appearences at shops and surfboard demos, and to promote All Tha Way Live video. Then he’s coming to the out here to get some real waves(just kidding), he’s coming out here for the OP T3 and the H2O contest. Damien Hobgood is coming out here for some surfboard demos and then for the OP T3 as well. Flea just got back from the Eddie in which he placed equal 8th with buddy Peter Mel. Mark Healey is on a boat trip in the Spice Islands for three weeks. Matt Coleman is here in So. Cal. doing photos since the waves here have been pumpimg for the last month or so. Brian Toth and Richard Gilligan are in Barbados doing a photo trip with Ben Bourgeios and photographer Chad Oakley. Adam Wickwire is in Puerto Rico with Wesley Toth playing in the surf. Dylan Slater is inn Hawaii for a couple of weeks while his is on winter break from UCSD. Ian Rotgans is ripping up the NSSA, and back to school hitting on the hot chicks at La Jolla High. And Rainos Hayes, our Hawaii team guy, is nursing his bulging disk which has kept him out of the water for the past few weeks.