Got A …Lost Tattoo? Contest

Straight from the fellas at …Lost:

We all like to do fun and crazy things when we're drunk, and sometimes those things can last a lifetime. That …Lost logo you had your friend tattoo on you while you were hammered, stoned, or passed out is finally gonna pay off for something! After years of traveling the country and world, and seeing how many loyal followers we have with permanent …Lost logos etched into their bodies we decided to give you die hard fans a free prize pack.

It's super simple to win, here's what you do:
1. Get yourself a …Lost tattoo (the more the better)
2. Take a picture of yourself and your kick ass …Lost tattoo
3. Upload to our "People with …Lost Ink" gallery on our website
4. Be sure to include your correct email when you post your photo so we can contact you to get your info to send your prize pack!
5. Description of what you were doing at the time and why the fuck you did this.

That's it… it's that easy. Just send us a picture of your …Lost logo tattoo (and we will send you a prize (it has to be a real tattoo… sharpies don't count) It's the least we can do for our lifetime fans.

The first winner is Bob Morgan from West Lawn, PA who sent this in to us this week and has a brand new prize from …Lost on the way!

lost surfboards tattoo