Great White Shark Attacks Surfer

Brian Kang, 38, was bumped off his surfboard while surfing at “Bunkers a spot north of the Eureka Jetty in Northern California. Kang had just sat up on his board after paddling far outside while his two buddies were sitting closer to the shore.

“It just came out of the blue, said Kang from his hospital bed where he was being treated for injuries to his hip, thumb, and knees. “I pushed it away with my hands. Kang said he received between 50-100 stitches to sew him back together.

Another surfer spotted a three-foot dorsal fin indicating a Great White was the species of shark that attacked Kang. It was the second attack in recent months for the area. In August, an abalone diver was attacked and killed near Fort Bragg while he was diving by a seventeen foot Great White.

The Red Triangle, as the area is known because of its high density of Great Whites, has certainly been living up to its name.