Greg Browning Interview

You definitely know you’re cool when you have a contest named after you. And although he’s gotten a little older, Greg Browning stillrules the surf in the South Bay area of L.A. He’s also still gracing the video screens with his recent Ezekiel part and some upcomingparts in future projects. If you live anywhere in Southern California, get your ass to El Porto and enter his contest-the Greg BrowningSecond Annual Winter Classic-held February 24 and 25.

[IMAGE 1]What have you been up to lately?

Right now, we just got back from Hawaii, from Shane Dorian’s Keiki contest that him and Conan do. We’re actually getting ready to doour surf contest February 24 and 25. It’s gonna be all ages, there’ll be Menehune’s, Boys, Juniors, Mens, Masters, Longboard, Womens,and Womens Longboard. It’ll be two days and food.

When and where?

February 24 and 25 at El Porto in the South Bay of L.A. It’s two days and there’ll be breakfast and lunch, it’s twenty dollars to enterand there’s a handpainted T-shirt from one of the contestants that won last year.

What’s the reason for the contest?

The main reason for the contest is that when I was growing up in the South Bay, there was a whole fleet of guys that would do contests.There would be a contest one of the shops would do every weekend and it seems like it’s been hard for the shops to get out there andspend the time to do it. I kinda jump in and get all the shops involved-generate some more talent out of the South Bay. It’s such a bigarea and there’s so many kids that surf but don’t get a chance to get out there and compete all the time.

Who are the kids everybody should be looking out for in the South Bay?

Right now I would say our best hope is Alex Gray, then there’s Jared Lang, Chris Del Moro, there’s a little guy named Dane Zahn who’seight-years-old who’ll be on fire in the next couple years. There’s a couple of other ones, but those are our best hopes right now.

[IMAGE 2]How’s your surfing been? How’s the Greg Browning turn been treating you?

Geez, I’ve scored. I did the boat trip for Ezekiel last year and got that video. Just went to Hawaii with those guys, got a coupletrips planned to Australia-just the same old stuff.

[IMAGE 2]How was the making of that movie?

We had a great time. Vinnie De La Pena hired George May, just a rad guy who added a whole art to surf movies. It wasn’t the rawness ofsurfing, it gave you more of the guy and the feel of what it’s like to be a surfer and the whole Ezekiel vibe-he captured it real well.

What’s the deal with that Broken Glass guy?

That guy was insane. I guess George went down to Venice and he’s a full street poet and none of us had ever met him before and Georgejust kinda gave him a quick little thing-five words about each guy and then the guy went off. I guess the raw stuff is hilarious.

What’s the future hold for Greg Browning?

I hope to work with a couple guys this year to make some videos. There’s a video called The Fifth Symphony that should be out in thesummertime. Hopefully I’ll work with taylor Steele, surfing, and shooting pictures. Got another grom on the way-we’re looking good.

So if anybody wants to get a hold of any info on the contest, what should they call?

Check with your local surf shop. There should be flyers at all the shops.

Are you gonna enter?

No, I don’t enter. We’re having a bunch of guys come down and sign autographs on Saturday and hang out and maybe have them do anexpression session or something.

Will there be a freestyle exhibition by Broken Glass