Greg Long Airlifted Out Of Cortes Bank

Greg Long

Greg Long at the 2012 Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational opening ceremony. Photo: Bielmann/SPL

Big Wave Surfer Greg Long Suffers Three Wave Hold Down At Cortes Bank
According to fellow big wave surfer Dave Wassel (and multiple internet reports), San Clemente’s Greg Long suffered a multiple wave hold down while surfing Cortes Bank on Friday. Long was riding a wave behind Garret McNamara when he was clipped by the whitewash, and the presumably hit by his board in the torso. After being held down for several waves, rescuers, including DK Walsh and Jon Walla, found him floating unconscious. He was then taken to a waiting boat where he came to. Shortly thereafter he was airlifted to a San Diego hospital where he was held overnight as a precaution. Our thoughts are with Greg as he recovers at home in San Clemente.

Aside from that scare, Wassel reports as follows: “Size grande. Not a ton of waves ridden. Clean conditions.” We’re working on getting some photos of the sessions, stay tuned.