Grom Bomb 2012 Results/Wrap

Grom Bomb 2012 Results/Wrap

We moved the 6th Annual “Grom Bomb” charity surf contest to the Oceanside Pier and the venue couldn't have been better. Over head surf all day and perfect weather. We had 140 competitors and had a blast gathering together for solid surf competition, insane games on the beach and a tasty Chili Cook off with JimmyJo's Jili taking home the “Golden Oven Mitt!”

Each year we choose a non-profit who is doing inspiring things to give our proceeds to and this year we joined forces with Beautiful Feet. Their mission is to reach as many needy children living in unimaginable circumstances as they can with shoes and sandals and offer other humanitarian support to those who cannot help themselves. If you're interested in more, check out

Grom Bomb 2012 Results
Mini Grom Push-In 8U
1. Curran Stagg
2. Lucas Miller
3. Tyler Nolty
4. Ty Spencer
5. Christian Wegener
6. Shay McGhee

Jade Morgan

Jade Morgan. Photo: Dan Fields

Parent Grom Combo
1. Keith/Jade Morgan
2. Billy/Shane Freyburger

Longboard 18U
1. Caleb Richter
2. Josh Collins
3. Oshean Lehrmann
4. Sierra Tontini
5. Avery Johnson
6. Delaney Benson

Womens 18U
1. Samantha Lamirand
2. Sarah Locke
3. Hannah VanVeen
4. Saulino Maya
5. Avalon Johnson
6. Grace Driscoll

Juniors 18U
1. Kyle Timm
2. Brandon Manguso
3. Matthew Beres
4. Jade Morgan
5. Spencer Bentley
6. Josh Collins

Super Grom 10U
1. Dagan Stagg
2. Tommy Kelly
3. Lucas Miller
4. Braden Steele
5. Janie Overland
6. Sydney Tisdel

Grom 14U
1. Brennan Aubol
2. Connor McKenna
3. Niko Traubman
4. Jade Morgan
5. Jordan Collins
6. Tanner Ford

1. Brandon Manguso
2. Kyle Timm
3. Daniel Nofal
4. Jordan Collins
5. Brennan Aubol

INT Black Ball Beater Throw Down
1. Niko Traubman
2. Connor McKenna
3. Luke McCullough
4. Tyler James
5. Jake Rethwisch
6. Dakota Raisbeck