Enter The Realm

Do you want to follow your favorite Realm surfer as he travels the ASP pro tour? Now you can by logging on to the Internet and clicking on to the Realm’s Web site: Look under the ASP yearbook for the latest info and links to and for the photos taken by the tour’s official photographer, Pierre Tostee.

Also look for The Realm team touring this summer on both coasts. Donovan Frankenreiter and his band Sunchild will play some East Coast dates during the tour.

New Things At Poor Specimen

Poor Specimen’s Web site has been remodeled. Check it out at: There will be sneak peaks of the new video that is due out in November.

The crew at Poor Specimen would like to wish Pete “The Rookie” Santa Maria good luck with his new business, Rook Productions.

Business Community To Surf For A Cure

Organizers are busy pulling together the Sixth Annual UCSD Cancer Center Luau and Longboard Invitational. This year’s tournament will take place on Sunday August 22, 1999 at Scripps Institution of Oceanography in La Jolla. SAIC is the event’s title sponsor thanks to a generous contribution of 25,000 dollars.

Last year the event raised 120,000 dollars for the Cancer Center. This year they hope to raise more than 175,000 dollars. The first Luau and Longboard Invitational was organized six years ago and has since nearly doubled in size. Over the years, the event has raised more than 300,000 dollars and is one of the largest fundraisers in the county.

Additional information regarding sponsorship opportunities, team entries, tickets, and event activities may be obtained by calling the UCSD Cancer Center Foundation at: (619) 822-0022, or visiting the Web site at:

Roxy Launches In Australia

The Quiksilver Roxy Pro, a two-star ASP World Qualifying Series event, was held on Australia’s Gold Coast in late February. The event officially marked the launch of the Roxy label in Australia and New Zealand. The two-star WQS event offered Australia’s up-and-coming female surfers the chance to win 12,000 dollars in prize money. Four-time World Champion Lisa Andersen attended the event in her capacity as Quiksilver Roxy’s number-one female surfer.

Vans and Sunglass Hut International Form Sunglass Alliance

Vans, Inc. and Sunglass Hut International, Inc. announced that they have formed a new Limited Liability Company to produce and distribute Vans and Vans Triple Crown sunglasses. The sunglass line created by the LLC will be available for sale in Sunglass Hut, Vans, and Vans Triple Crown stores.

Sunglass Hut will provide product design, sourcing, development, quality control, and inventory planning services to the LLC, while Vans will license the Vans and Triple Crown trademarks and logos to the LLC.

Sunglass Hut International specializes in niche retailing with 1,821 Sunglass Hut locations, 109 Watch Station stores, and 57 combination sunglass and watch stores around the world. Located in a wide variety of high-traffic shopping and tourist destinations, Sunglass Hut stores are located throughout the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia.

New Water Wear By Raw Skin

After becoming tired of wearing uncomfortable water apparel designed by men, Sandra DeLaRosa started Raw Skin for women. The functional line of apparel includes tank, long-sleeve and short-sleeve rash guards, and two styles of nylon and spandex water shorts. For more information on Raw Skin, check the company’s Web site at:

Yo! Chad Muska’s Got New Kicks Out

Chad Muska has signed with Four Star Distribution to help the company launch a new footwear line. The skate pro had been riding for éS, but his contract recently expired. Four Star Distribution produces Forum snowboards, annd Special Blend and Foursquare snowboard apparel and accessories. Muska wanted more input with his shoe sponsor and is now working on all aspects of shoe and apparel designs, ad layouts, and marketing. No date has been set for the shoe to come out, however the first shipments should be made to stores by the end of the year.

Roial Displays Fashion For Charity

Huntington Beach, California-based Roial Apparel held a charity dinner, fashion show, and party to benefit the Make A Wish Foundation at the swank Garden Of Eden restaurant and club in Hollywood in mid April. With a sold-out crowd, the event showed off Roial’s new line of clothing to a cheering packed room. Later, the music was pumping and people were letting loose on the dance floor.

International Surfing Association Endorses Safe Surfing Products The International Surfing Association (ISA) created a Medical Product

Endorsement Program to promote and endorse products that provide significant health-care benefits to surfers. The ISA-endorsed products receive a stamp of approval in recognition of quality and safety. As means of ensuring the integrity of the program, the ISA only endorses products that pass the review of the ISA Medical Committee, headed by Dr. Mark Bracker, who is the director of sports medicine at the University of California San Diego.

The ISA is endorsing the following products: Bp Leash Attachments by Advances Surf Systems, Gath Helmets by Gath Sports, Nose Guards and Protect Fins by SurfCo. Hawaii, Proplugs by Doc Scott, Travel Surf, Town and Surf and Survival Surf First Aid Kits by Surf Safe Products, and the VASA Trainer by Rob Sleamaker.