71 Days Later: Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill Update

It's now been 71 days and the oil is still gushing out of the Gulf Of Mexico where the Deepwater Horizon exploded while drilling for oil. According to an estimate by the Surfrider Foundation, over 76 million gallons of oil have contaminated the Gulf. It's beyond frustrating for residents of the affected region, and now there's a hurricane—Hurricane Alex—in the region, hampering clean up efforts in Louisiana due to the high wind and large surf it’s created. It’s simply too wild for small clean up vessels to be out on the water. Hurricane Alex has not been in an issue for BP’s effort to plug the hole, however. In some good news, a spokesman from NOAA said wind, rain, and surf may actually help break up the oil into smaller pieces that break down faster and flush out inland swamps and marshes.

As well, according to a post in the New York Times' Web site, 50,000 turtle eggs have been dug up and relocated to Florida's Atlantic coast. For more on the worst environmental disaster in the history of the world, go to NYTimes.com.

Go to Surfrider.org to see what you can do to help