Habitat: Cory Lopez’s Gulf Coast Supercrib

Number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and square footage: Four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and 3,500 square feet.

Year bought and price: Bought in 1999 for $270,000.

Current value: $1.2-million.

Mortgage payment: “I have three mortgages in one payment, I don’t really know how much the house one is.”

When built: 1952.

Location: Indian Rocks Beach, Florida.

Closest surf break: “Two blocks away-12th Avenue. It used to be good before the pier was washed away by a hurricane-it sucks now, though.”

Closest fishing hole: “My dock in the backyard. But the real fishing goes down way offshore, like 60 miles out.”

Type of fishing boat: “A 32-foot Donzi with twin 250 horsepower engines, which gives me 500 horsepower.”

What kind of fish do you go for: “Usually grouper or snapper.”

Favorite fish to catch: “Grouper. We really tear it up over here and usually get a few 100 pounders per trip.”

Biggest fish caught: “A 120-pound tarpon. I used to catch some huge sharks, but I’m over that-there’s no reward. I like catching fish you can eat or sell-gotta pay for that gas.

Five favorite things about the house: “One, it’s on the water. Two, it’s on the water. Three, it’s on the water. Four, the pool and Jacuzzi. Five, the floor plan is really open.”

Five least favorite things about it: “One to five: The waves suck here.”

Hurricane damage last fall: “A little bit of siding was ripped off, but everything is brand new and good to go.”

Roommates: “Nope, I’m all alone here.”

Couch crashers: “Yeah, plenty of those, especially Hatch, Joey, and Skip.”

Favorite memory: “Before the remodel, we used to get pretty crazy and destructive during New Year’s parties-especially if there was tequila around.”

How far from Mom and Dad’s: “Eight houses away. They watch it for me when I’m out of town.”

Age when you bought the house: “Twenty. It was cool owning a house that young. I had no landlord, could do whatever I wanted, and basically had fun with no worries. Now it’s a little bit more relaxed.”