Habitat: Daren Crawford 4-2

Habitat: Daren Crawford

Leave Your Shoes At The Door
A new generation takes up residence at the Banzai Pipeline.
by Daren Crawford

North Shore residents are praising the reemergence of the historic original Pipeline house as a cultural hub. Built in the years following the war (that’s WWII, kids), the yellow cane-camp bungalow was beachfront for decades prior to the rise of the Lopez Pipe House in the late 1970s and early 80s. Old tales abound of past residents whose vibes seem to seep from the walls, back in the days when downstairs was a mere storage room for empty cases of Dom Perignon imported by Kammie’s for the incomparable Moe Lerner.

Now, this two-story, four-bedroom surf-shack tower is home to a part of the next generation of Pipeline torch bearers-earlier this summer the lease was nabbed by Danny Fuller, Jesse Merle Jones, and Mark Healey. As real-estate mogul Big Mike Strada closes escrow in January, the boys are setting a new pace with assurances that the house is not going to be torn down.

Current accounts are thumbs-up as teams of eligible young ladies perform on the upstairs dance floor, occasionally spawning dissent among downstairs tenants that some have called Yellow Fever meets Dance Fever. The steamy, littered underworld of Yellow Fever simultaneously exists in contrast to the semi-tattered, but still fully functional, Spartan chic of Dance Fever. In addition to the exchange between the two floors, neighboring houses-including the Rusty house, the Quiksilver house, the O’Neill house, the Rip Curl house, and the omnipresent Volcom house-have helped create a synergy, a dynamic village, the likes of which may be unequaled. Even local law enforcement has been, thus far, cooperative and understanding.

But good times aside, some lessons about the aftermath of four- and five-day weekends are coming to light. Questions such as “Who ate the rest of my bacon?” “How come those kooks showed up?” and “Can I give you a lesson on how to clean the toilet and mop the kitchen floor?” are being raised. Through all of this, the boys still appreciate being able to help the kids across the street at Sunset Beach Elementary buy new computers with all of the recyclables.This month’s couch-surfing dignitaries, Dustin Barca and Chris Drummy, have had an impact on daily maintenance issues as well as culinary duties:

Iron Chef Barca’s Pueo Katsu

2 square slabs of ahi
2 pieces of nori (large)
2 eggs
panko flake
vegetable oil

Directions: Wrap ahi slabs in nori. Moisten nori with a little water to adhere. Dip wraps in beaten egg, then into panko flake. Fry in oil until golden brown.

Dipping Sauce


Directions: Mix the ingredients. Serve with Caesar salad and boiled white rice. Great! Thanks. In about eight years check out Barca’s Gourmet on the Bay in Hanakahi.

After eating, the boys still find time to lumber around the roots of the giant banyan tree up toward the trout house to check the surf or try to pull a couple of girls off the beach. And this is a great time to have a quick powwow.

Do you think living here will help or hinder your surfing?

Merle: Help, because all my boards are right on the beach. I can break a board and be back out in five minutes.

Fuller: I think it will help. How could it not?

Healey: It will help my Pipe surfing just because I’ll surf it more. It might hinder my small-wave surfing because I’m more spoiled.

What are some of the funniest things you’ve seen happen at the house lately?

Fuller: Seeing Crawford hanging from the beam over the bar. Also being in the shower and not knowing where I am.

Merle: Seeing a rat run over Chris Drummy’s head. And when you guys take a shower upstairs, water drips onto his bed.

Healey: Trying to get Fuller’s new couch in the house through the outside patio. Two ladders. Four people.

What improvements do you have planned for the house?

Fuller: We’re still working on the gecko shit. We can’t get too far ahead of ourselves.

Merle: I’m trying to get that public-restroom smell out of the bathroom. I’m trying to get Healey’s mom over here to yell at him about his stuff all around the house.

Healey: Get my dad to work on our hole of a bathroom. I suck at that stuff. At least to get up to par with the Ehukai bathrooms. I want to get a new sign that says “If you don’t live here, don’t park here.” Get Merle to stop leaving half-eaten food in the fridge for six months at a time.

Thanks for the insight, guys, and remember-trash days are Wednesdays and Saturdays.


New orders from the top came late yesterday afternoon: No loud music after 10:00 p.m. on weeknights, 12:00 a.m. on weekends. No overflow of people into the streets during parties. This comes after Brucey’s big birthday bash on the other side of the Pipe entrance. Phone calls have poured in from HPD, Department Of Land and Natural Resources, angry parents, the North Shore Community Board, the Bike Path Committee, and neighbors threatening court-ordered evictions for violators of the “new rules.”