Habitat-Joe Crimo – 4.8

Habitat-Joe Crimo

Living Mobile With Joe CrimoThirty years of misery-that’s what Joe Crimo saved himself from with the purchase of a 1978 Dodge motor home. Think about it. Why do people struggle to work hard and pay mortgages, rent, and bills all their lives, only to retire and do what Joe’s doing with 3,000 dollars? How nice would it be to say, “I’m sick of this neighborhood and this wave-I’m moving down the street.” Call it whatever the hell you want-Joe’s thinking years ahead of all of us.-AC

How long have you had the RV?
I’ve had it for about five months now.
What’s the year and make, and how much did it cost you?
I got it for 3,000 dollars, and it’s a ’78 Dodge. It’s sick. The engine’s a 440-a strong engine.
Any mechanical problems?
No, it runs really good, and it’s only got 60,000 miles. I’m the third owner on it-shoot, it runs great. It’s good to go, everything works-the freezer, refrigerator, we’ve got two VCRs, two televisions, a microwave, the stove works, the shower works. Basically, it’s got everything you need.
How do you like living out of it?
It’s nice and debt-free.
Is it hard to find places to park it?
No, it’s really easy. I have four or five places I can go anytime around San Clemente-beaches, driveways, businesses, and friends’. I like keeping it on the road-going down south for a week, up north for a week, or mainly San Clemente. It’s pretty easy. It’s also cool, because I’ve got a dog. He just hangs, and I can take him wherever I want and not get complaints.
Is he your security system?
Yeah, he’s a pit bull, so he keeps good security.
What are the advantages in living in an RV?
Every time you look out your window, you have a different view. You get real close to the waves, so you suit up right there inside of it and run right down to the waves-wherever you’re at. There’s no rent-you’re basically rent-free and saving money.
What are the disadvantages?
The disadvantage would be the amount of space, and that’s about it.
What’s the weirdest thing that’s happened to you since you’ve owned it? Has anyone hassled you?
Yeah, I’ve had the cops come in a couple times, and I got arrested one time in it.
What for?
I got a driving ticket I didn’t take care of a few years ago that built up. It just goes to show-I didn’t take care of it, and I paid the price. That was one thing. Other than that, I’ve had a couple parties in it-some girls, barbecues, and stuff like that. The downfall was getting picked up by the cops for parking it on the street one night when I shouldn’t have. I was moving it around too much, there were some people in it, the cops caught onto it, and they got me for some tickets.
What’s a Joe Crimo rolling party like?
Laughs Yeah, pretty crazy, it’s fun. I try to get at least one girl per guy, if not two girls per guy, and keep it at that ratio.
Have you taken it into Los Angeles?
Yeah, we went to the Roxy last week for a video premiere. We brought the motor home down and went off-it’s perfect. You park right in the back of a club, and you go in and out of it. It’s like a private party room wherever you go.
Do you ever plan on changing the interior-like putting a disco ball in it?
Yeah, actually I’ve got a deal going on with Vision Streetwear. They’re gonna shrink-wrap it in Vision logos and have me drive it to all the airshows, any other contests, and video things I want to do. They were talking about going leopard on the inside, but I’m not sure-it sounds kind of cool. I’ve got a three-year-old boy, too, so I like to keep it somewhat homey style and nice and clean for him.
How shitty is it cleaning out the septic tank?
Oh, I haven’t done it yet. I haven’t used it yet. If I’m at a camping site, they have nice showers and restrooms there. If I’m anywhere else, I fully try to use any house or other restroom. It’s basically clean and empty, so that’s how I want to keep it-that’s gonna be a nightmare.
What”s the farthest drive you’ve taken it on?
We’ve taken it to San Miguel, Mexico, and we plan on going to the championships for the air contest at Santa Cruz-that’s probably the farthest we’ll end up taking it.
Do your friends treat it as a party bus?
Yeah, I just had it down for the last contest, and we used it in between heats. We’d all go in there, hang out, watch surf footage, and psych out. We’ve got a pretty big TV, a queen-size bed, and couches-we all just relax. It’s kind of cool.
Are you in the Good Sam club? You know, the RV club?
If there are RV clubs, I wouldn’t mind trying to get on a couple to get some discounts-those big coupon books help for traveling on the road a lot.