Habitat: Nathan Fletcher

Put simply, Nathan Fletcher lives humbly in solitude between two horse stables in a double-wide trailer on Tar Farms¿his grandmother’s farm near Dana Point, California. Even though his house is only a few miles from the beach, you can’t help but get the feeling that you’re on a horse ranch in some distant desert canyon. Nathan’s habitat is what he makes of it¿it’s his form of urban escapism from the idiosyncrasies of living in an overly crowded Southern California human ant farm. His house is his breathing room where he can relax, create, destroy¿basically do whatever the f¿k he wants to.¿A.S.

How long have you been living here?Oh, about a year or so.

Was it your choice to live in such an isolated area as opposed to living right on the ocean?I don’t know. I don’t really live that far from the ocean. This is the only place I’ve really had a chance to live where I can be myself and relax.

Do you plan on living here for a while?Definitely. I’m throwin’ out the anchor.

How much square footage does this place have?I don’t know¿I’m not too good with my arithmetic. It’s a double-wide, and I do know that it’s 65 feet long. Plus, there’s a couple of added on compartments. Right now, I’m taking a wall out and putting something in.

Is this your grandmother’s place?No, this is my grandmother’s farm. It’s her property. This is the place where I’d come when I was really young and she would baby-sit me every day. I’ve pretty much been coming here my whole life.The house I live in was the old horse caretaker’s trailer. The caretaker moved out, so I moved in. The place was a rat hole¿I just ripped everything out and f¿kin’ made it into a home office.

Are you gonna totally renovate it?No, I just want to make it nice to where when I’m at home, I can do things for myself. Basically, make it work.

Do have any kind of pets? Any animals running around here?No, just me and my friends. I don’t know¿there’re horses runnin’ around all over the f¿kin’ place. I’ve had enough pets in my life.

How are your neighbors? Is everything cool?Pointing across the street Those people over there¿I don’t know them at all. And then there’re the horse people who come here every day, but they don’t talk to us, so we don’t talk to them.

What are your future plans for this place?Basically, I want to be able to do the things I like to do¿art, play music really loud, or whatever, you know? I feel fortunate to have nothing really around me. I’m also lucky to have shit going on. I’m not what you’d call “responsible.” Maybe I am, but at the same time I’m definitely not. So whatever. I never want to grow up, though. F¿k that.

What do you like about this place the most?I like the fact that this place is on a farm and that people don’t come over and just stop by. I’m really happy to not have to deal with everybody. I have somewhere to come home to. The world’s too much for me to handle¿socially. To be able to just crawl in my own little hole and be able to do the things I like to do is the best thing that I could ever ask for. I didn’t have that for a long time, so now that I have my own deal, I feel fortunate. That’s what I like about this place the most.

What’s the soundtrack of your habitat?Black Sabbath permanently. F¿kin’ 24/7 Black Sabbath. I’ll round it off with Sabbath, and then break things up with Pink Floyd. I’ll throw in some Dystopia, Slayer, Motörhead, or whatever. Sabbath and Floyd are the kind of music that pretty much describes who I am.

Did you ever think you’d end up living here?No, I didn’t. I was living in my car for a year before I moved in here. I didn’t know what I was gonna do next, and I didn’t care. My motto from the whole deal is: “You gotta lose it to find it.” The farther you are from knowing what to do, then all of a sudden things really happen. But if you try to control a situation, things will always be out of your control. What’s your favorite room in this house?I like my back room with the toilet in the middle of the room. I like to take big shits and f¿kin’ stare at the cars going by.