Habitat – Peeking Into The Lair Of A Grom


1.Money on table. “Probably like two or three dollars. I usually don’t have that much money. I’ll use that for a little 7Eleven run.”

2.Jeff Spicoli’s old shoes. “We (Gudauskas bros) just started riding for Vans, and they hooked us up with some sick slip-ons.”

3.Coors Light racing girls. “I scored those at 7Eleven. The guy was about to throw them away, so I grabbed them before he could.”

4.Smoke alarm above door. “No, I’ve never got busted by that thing.” Take out the batteries and it’s dysfunctional.

5.Surfboard in corner. “I just got it for next winter.” It’s new, so Mom doesn’t mind having it in the house.

6.Irie Bob Marley painting. “I drew that last year.”

7.Occy shrine. “Occy, heck yeah.”

8.Acoustic guitar. “I just like to fool around with it, I guess.” The next Donovan Frankenreiter?

9.Books on bed. “Probably the Godfather or something.” Budding young capo?

10. Compact-disc player. “I like anything metal, like Metallica or Maiden.” Hessians rule. Tanner will get an iPod when he turns pro.—Justin Coté