Habitat: Strider WasilewskiWorld’s luckiest trailer trash!

Paradise Cove is technically considered a trailer park, but you wouldn’t know it unless your golf cart broke down and you were forced to stroll to the beach by foot.

After years of paying his dues everywhere around the world from Venice and the North Shore to Tahiti, Strider Wasilewski has finally settled down in a trailer community called Paradise Cove, located approximately ten minutes north of Malibu, California. The trailer itself is actually a sturdy two-bedroom home complete with a large entry, comfortable patio, hot tub, and palm-tree-covered backyard.


Paradise Cove was rated the number-one most desirable trailer community in the nation by the Travel Channel last year for many reasons, including its proximity to Point Dume—the park sits on the cliff directly above one of L.A.’s favorite surf spots. It’s more likely, however, that Strider and his new wife Lili were drawn to the location because of the connection her family has to this special place. Her parents and grandmother also live in the park, and the family dynamic clearly puts Strider at ease when he’s home from traveling the world. “This is the healthiest place in the world to live. I have everything I need right here.”

Inside the newly remodeled trailer is a mix of clean, modern design and eclectic art. The plain white walls accentuate the large open spaces in the living room and kitchen, while the bedrooms remain warm and comfortable. In the middle of the living room sits a beautiful leather sectional that sucks you in, rendering anyone who might consider trying to pry themselves away from the TV helpless.

When the Wasilewskis decided to remodel their place, Strider enlisted the help of a few friends with the skills to help with each individual task. One guy helped out on the floors, another with the walls, and so on. The kitchen is clearly the source of Strider’s greatest pride: “This thing took me forever! I had friends help me with a lot of it, but I did most of the kitchen on my own.” He labored for many hours to perfect the clean lines of the wood-top island that anchors the kitchen in the middle of the house.

Like the homes of most professional surfers, the yard and driveway are covered with boards and board bags, towels, wetsuits, and plenty of other goodies that the neighborhood kids drool over as they skate by on their way to check the surf.

Strider and Lili’s amazing home complements them almost as well as they complement each other, and it’s clear upon entering their trailer that these newlyweds are enjoying building a place together that supports both of their lives and personalities.—Matt Patterson