Habitat: The place or environment where a plant or animal naturally or normally lives and grows.

When you knock on a stranger’s door, they’re usually a bit wary of opening it. For all they know, you could be a murderer or a salesman. If you know the person is home, you should keep on knocking for a long time¿they’ll eventually open up. And when they do, their world is yours.

With that in mind, TransWorld SURF traveled to Santa Cruz, Califorina and repeatedly knocked on the door of Shawn “Barney 2000” Barron’s door. After about a half an hour of constant knocking, he opened up and let us into his abode. The scene was amazing. Art covered the walls, and toys lined the shelves. Barney’s Star Wars collection filled the wall from floor to roof. The simple charm of the quaint, old house was refreshing.

Barney’s décor was a potpourri of big colorful paintings, found sculptures, toys, photos, and action figures. There’s a definite feeling of happiness when you peruse these halls and take in the colors and shapes. Barney has worked wonders with this suburban space. No wall is bare, and there’s great feng shui to the furniture arrangements.

If you choose to invade Barney’s home space, beware the robot army that guards the door and the wooden dogs that’ll attack you if provoked.

Please, everybody, give Barney a big round of applause for opening up his world and showing us his beautiful décor. If you have a living space in need of help, look to Barney’s decorating wisdom to show you the way.