Hairstyles Of The Rich And Sponsored

The hairstyles of the future are speaking, and the world is listening. The young men of the surf world have set the trend, or should we say, set the gel. The hairstyles represented here are the greatest hairstyles in the world. These guys should know-they travel across the globe searching for that special blend of new-wave cool, and surf-bro chíc.

1.Ross Williams:
His head has been covered with the same Swept-Forward Ceasar Supercut for the past twenty years or so. It’s called a Supercut ’cause that’s who cuts it for him.

2.Dan Malloy:
This overgrown version of the Soap-Opera Soul Curl wowed the crowds on the North Shore this winter. It’s the same hairdo Dan used for his high school senior picture.

3.Keith Malloy:
Keith won’t settle for just any surf-cut. His wild Spicoli Surf-Slash Beachboy look made him popular with the throngs of California surf-cut fans everywhere.

4.Tim Curran:
Timmy’s new ‘do is best viewed under flashing lights and theglow of a smoke-machined dance environment. It’s called theTimmy Be Clubbin’. Timmy uses two teaspoons of gel and three squirts of Aqua Net for this suave look.

5.Joel Parkinson:
“Hey, Coach! Put me in!” This is what a couple of footballplayers yelled when Joel walked by with his High School Football Coach hairstyle. Put a whistle around his neck and callsome plays! It’s fourth and ten!

6.Matty Liu:
Obviously, the Hollywood style followed Matty back to theNorth Shore. We know this because of his Hollywood Hair-GelExplosion hairstyle. It stayed perfect after a three-hour session at Backdoor-now that’s a sticky situation.

7.Jun Jo:
Jun made an impression without doing anything at all. His exclusive mix of Bedhead, Hathead, and Salty Dog hairstyles gave him a well-worn look that screams, “Hey, I’m comfortable.”

8.Mason Ho:
Liam’s not the only guy on the North Shore who can wear a helmet. The only difference between his and Mason’s is that Mason’s is made of hair, not plastic. Mason is ruling with his Cushy SoftHair Helmet.

9.Nathan Webster:
Nathan made a bold statement this year with his ShaggyAfghan White-Stripe Bird Nest hairstyle. This Aussie’s nicknameis “Noodle.” Word on the streets is now it’s been extended to “Noodlehead.”

10. Occy and Mob:
Aussie Mullet versus the Bro-fro. Yeah, Rob’s done it before, but it worked, and now it’s working again! Occy’s mullet, on the other hand, is a new idea for the Occ. Once he had the best hair on the tour. Remember when Big Occ was off the tour? Now that was a hairstyle.