Hang Loose Brazil Prime: Day 1 Update

Aussie Mitch Coleborn had the highest heat score of the day in the first big ASP PRIME event of the year. Photo: ASP

Aussie Mitch Coleborn had the highest heat score of the day in the first big ASP PRIME event of the year. Photo: ASP

International Surfers Steal The Show On Day 1 Of ASP Prime Hang Loose Pro Contest

CACIMBA DO PADRE, Fernando de Noronha, Pernambuco / Brazil (Tuesday, February, 15, 2011) – The Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) Prime Hang Loose Pro Contest started today in improving (1.5 to 2 meters) waves. Due to an extremely low tide the first heat reached the water only at 1:30 p.m. after the third call.

With the tide going up the conditions improved allowing the surfers to get the first tube rides on Cacimba do Padre the international surfers stole the show on the opening round of the 2011 ASP PRIME event. The top performer of the day was the Australian Mitch Coleborn, who set the highlight of today scoring a 9.00 and a 7.00 to steal the day's highest heat-total of 16 points.

In the heat before, Japanese surfer Masatoshi Ohno surfed the first tube of the competition to win the heat over the event's top seed, Adriano de Souza, who was defeated early in his debut at the commemorative 25th edition of the Hang Loose Pro Contest.

"I'm very happy to catch the first tube ride of the competition and winning the first heat because the conditions are pretty tough out there," Ohno said. "It looks beautiful from the beach but actually it's pretty hard to find the waves. I try not to worry about my other competitors and try to keep my main focus, which is to maintain the concentration. I go out just thinking about having a good harmony with the waves and to surf the best I can".

The waves went up during the whole day, but the swell direction was not the best for Cacimba do Padre. The waves were already bigger than 2 meters and the predictions indicate that the swell will still be building up in the next couple of days.

In the third heat the Brazilians started to show up with Sao Paulo's Junior Faria wining the heat with Brazilian ASP World Tour Rookie Alejo Muniz from Santa Catarina in second place, both defeating Leonardo Neves and Diego Rosa.

"The conditions are difficult, no chance for choosing," Faria said. "The waves are closing out, so you don't know which one is going to open. It's a matter of getting everything you can to see what's going to happen. "Fortunately I managed to find 2 good waves to advance in first place, so everything went well. I'm stoked to start winning".

Alejo Muniz made his first appearance as a member of the select group of the 34 best surfers in the world of the ASP World Tour. He showed attitude on the heavy sets at Cacimba do Padre, but didn't find the tubes he wanted in his debut at the 2011 Hang Loose Pro Contest.

"I couldn't find the right waves to get the real Cacimba do Padre barrel, but more important is that I got through and maybe in the next heat I find a good one", said Alejo Muniz. "Of course I wish I had caught a big barrel, but I always try to surf the best I can. This is an important event for the rankings, the first Prime of the year and I want to go further in this competition."

Andre Silva managed to stop the first international surfer in the contest, the Hawaiian Granger Larsen, to place in second behind South African Dale Staples. The foreign domination soon continued with the Hawaiians Fredrick Patacchia and Kai Barger dominating the heat over two Brazilians. US Nat Young rode an impressive tube to get an 8.0 score to move through along with Irish man Glenn Hall. To finish the day two Brazilians more were defeated by Americans Cory Lopez and Tim Reyes.

The Brazilians Jean da Silva and Thiago Camarao defeated the North American Nathaniel Curran and the South African Royden Bryson in the final heat of the day. Jean da Silva is after his second win at the Hang Loose Pro Contest after winning the event in 2006.

"I spent the whole day here, following the heats, watching the sea, and as soon as got out, it seemed to be better. Me and Thiago (Camarao) dominated the peak as the other two surfers decided to go to the opposite side of the competition area", said Jean da Silva. "We got all the good waves that came through, and moved to the next round together, that was great."

The ASP PRIME Hang Loose Pro holds a waiting period from February 15 through 20, 2011 and is webcast LIVE via www.hangloose.com.br/procontest2011