Happy Thanksgiving From TransWorld SURF

Thanksgiving should be four times a year—it is a truly kickass and all-American holiday. There's no pressure to buy multiple gifts or conceive and create a good costume. There's no obligation to go sit in church and think about all the sins you've committed. Thanksgiving is a time to be with your dysfunctional family and enjoy the company while gorging yourself on a vast array of wonderfully paired food and drink. Turkey and red wine go perfect together. Stuffing and football mesh well. Beer and cranberry sauce go together like mash potatoes and gravy! This Thanksgiving let us all give thanks to the world we live in. Here at TransWorld SURF, we'd like to thank you, the readers. Thank you for being part of our family. Now go kill a turkey and eat its guts with a side of yams and a huge glass of Pinot Noir!—Chris Cote