Happy Thanksgiving

We here at TransWorld Surf wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving. Take some time away from your busy schedules and say something nice to a stranger, hug your mom and dad, go surf, eat tons of turkey, watch football, call your grandparents, make a mashed potato volcano with gravy, hang out with your bros, and just enjoy this special time of year where we give thanks for all we have.

Happy Thanksgiving! We really appreciate all of you who take part in our work, without you all, we’d have to get real jobs!

Here’s a few words from our staff on what they’re thankful for…

Creative Director Marc Hostetter:
1. My son, Leo.
2. My wife, Stacey.
3. The very few people in this world that do more than simply take up space.
4. “A Sectioned Beam” by Lansing-Dreiden.
5. Pocket-Flan.

I, Chris Cote, under oath of the State Of California, with God as my witness, do hearby stipulate what I am thankful for.

1. My wife who is out of my league and doesn’t know it.
2. My family who thinks I’m rad and always supports me.
3. Food, especially turkey and mashed potatoes.
4. Music, more specifically my iPod, i Love you poddy.
5. My job. I get free coffee and a cubicle.
6. My new passion, football, Charger Power!
7. Sienfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Office DVDs.
8. Garage bands.
9. Arrested Development, the best new show on television.
10. The readers of TransWorld SURF who are the best surf magazine readers in the world.
11. Interpol Antics
12. The new Kut u Up album due out in Feb 2005.

Adam Blakey–Our Man In Oz
All the girls I’ve loved before
Not having an STD

Scott Chebegia, Photo Brosisstant
You know there are so many things to be thankful for in this life, where doI begin? I’m thankful for my loving family, my health, my lifestyle thatI’m afforded to have in our country, and my great friends. I’m alsothankful for the way that women look when they’re naked. It’s great!!

What Justin Cote is thankful for:
1. My family. Without their support I’d be screwed.
2. My friends. We don’t always make the best decisions, but we’re learning, right guys? Good times, either way we do it.
3. My job. TransWorld is an awesome place to work. There’re beautiful girls working here, ping pong lunches, O’side pier nearby, and I’m going to the North Shore monday!
4. Surfing. Unlike women and the Padres, it’ll never let you down and always makes you feel good.
5. Home. I love my hood. I can cruise a bike to check the surf, there’s a nearby watering hole where my buddy slings drinks freely, and fall weather in California is better than anywhere.
6. Our readers. You guys and girls rule! Thanks for letting us be a small part of your lives.

Peter Taras–Photo Editor
Pete is in Hawai’i at the moment and not answering his phone. I can’t speak for him,but I think he’d say he’s thankful for his family, friends,and Bright Eyes.

The Head Honcho–Joel Patterson
There’s so much to be thankful for. Definitely my parents and my brother, who love me despite my many flaws. My friends, who tolerate my moodiness and my Manchester United tirades. My coworkers, who have taught me that pedigrees are meaningless in journalism … it’s all personality, attitude, intellect, and work ethic. My health, which has yet to fail drastically on me (knock on wood). My personal relationship with Jesus Christ … nah, just kidding. My job, which keeps buying me tickets to exotic places, where I join my friends in deep moments, beer drinking, screwing around, etc. And finally, I’m thankful to have known Tim Dowell, a contributing writer and a friend who was always up for a deep conversation, who laughed so hard at your jokes he actually managed to make you feel good about yourself, and who I never saw approach anything from a negative angle. He died in his sleep at his parents’ house this summer just before starting his senior yearr at Berkley, but I feel lucky to have spent the occasional hour here and there discussing life’s possibilities. Happy Thanksgiving to all ya’ll.