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Tasmanian Terror Session
The photos and the stories behind the Shipsterns Bluff showdown that delivered one of the heaviest paddle in waves ever.

College Surf Guide
Want to know the best schools to continue your aquatic education? We break down the top schools for shredding in the country.

Photo Gallery
Ignite the pilot light of your surf furnace.

Curse Of The Galapagos
Dave Rastovich, Sanoe Lake, Donavan Frankenreiter, Daniel Thomson, and Richard Kenvin explore the “Enchanted Islands under the watchful eye of a giant tortoise.

New York’s Rockaway Beach
Earlier this winter, while the rest of the Easy Coast was digging itself out of the biggest blizzard ever recorded, surfers at Rockaway Beach put aside their snow shovels aside to pull into sub-arctic barrels. Stefan Marti takes a look at one of the most hardcore surf scenes in the world.

How To: Duck Dive
Gerlach’s 68 foot XXL winner
Go There: New Caledonia
And much more…

May On transworldsurf.com

Online Editor Justin Coté will be on location at Teahupo’o for the 2006 Billabong Pro Teahupo’o posting the blood, guts, gossip, and glory from the heaviest wave in the world daily.

Model Search
Meet Miss April Jenna Putnam from Carlsbad, California. Jenna will be featured on Coté’s Cube later in the month, check it out! In the meantime, send your Model Search entries to surf@twsnet.com. You must be 18 to enter and the Model Search is posted every Friday.

Kew’s Corner
Mike Kew rattles cages and bruises egos. Join him every Tuesday.

Coté’s Cube
TransWorld SURF Editor Chris Coté’s Web-based talk show is blowing up! Recent guests have included Benji Weatherley, Dave Rastovich, and Joel Parkinson.

Big Wednesday Mailbox
Your chance to shout and be heard. Send all letters, opinions, comments, hate mail, and photos to surf@twsnet.com. Posted every Wednesday.

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