Haven’t seen ‘Under an Arctic Sky’ yet? It’s now on iTunes

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past eight-or-so months, you’re probably aware that the foremost outdoor photographer Chris Burkard has a new movie about cold water surfing in Iceland. Entitled “Under an Arctic Sky”, it is the tale of a crew of surfers braving a 25-year storm in Iceland to score waves under the Northern Lights.

The international tour has been humming along for quite some time now, with over 50 tour stops to date. And while they hope to continue to make more and more stops, they can’t get to every single town. So it’s with delight that we tell you that “Under an Arctic Sky” is now available on iTunes.

But instead of just announcing that wonderful news to you, we figured we’d also give you a little insight into this globe-trotting tour (plus this exclusive clip from the movie below). We caught up with Ben Weiland, director of photography, to give us some background on how the tour has been going so far.

What’s the tour been like so far?

It’s been really eye-opening to travel with the film. Seeing it with others for the first time, experiencing it through their eyes is great. Our crew spent countless hours editing and working on post-production, so touring it is a huge shift from what we’ve been doing for the last months. It’s really fun to meet people and get to share in person what the story is all about.

How many stops have you hit so far?

There’s been over 50 so far, plus festivals and more to come. We started in New York City at the Tribeca Film Festival, then headed back for a West Coast tour, East Coast leg, up into Canada and many stops in between. Right now Chris is touring in Europe.

Any crazy incidents along the way?

Near the beginning of the tour, we rented an RV and were driving from San Francisco to Portland in one night. One of the guys in our crew was driving in the middle of the night and spotted a mountain lion crossing I-5 freeway.

But the main thing that has been unexpected is the overwhelming amounts of gummy bears people have been gifting the tour with. It started with Chris posting a story late one night while we were editing. He mentioned that we were relying on gummies as fuel to get us through the late hours. As soon as the tour started, massive amounts of gummy bears began to show up at the events.

What’s been your favorite stop?

For me it was really special to show at Tribeca. It was my first time in NYC, and getting to experience the city was amazing. It’s both nerve-wracking and exciting at the same time, getting to premiere in a place like that. One of the highlights was having Ingo, one of the Icelandic surfers, come out, see the film for the first time and talk after one of the screenings about what it’s like to be a surfer living in Iceland.

You can find more information about “Under an Arctic Sky” here, and can purchase it on iTunes here.

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