Heard of ‘shooting the pier’? NJ surfer ‘shoots a dock’ in the bay; video

“Shooting the pier” in surfing refers to when a surfer catches a wave near a pier and proceeds to “shoot” through the pylons from one side of the pier to the other, while riding the wave the entire time. It’s a risky act that can sometimes end dangerously with a broken board or bones.

New Jersey surfer Ben Graeff is no stranger to dangerous acts as the frontman of stunt group Nub TV. Recently, a swell hit his much-cherished novelty wave in the bay of his hometown of Longport and he managed to get a long enough ride to shoot a dock within the bay.

This is not something that happens everyday. Graeff has been “surfing” this wave for years in the bay anytime a storm strong enough wraps swell into the inlet. But for it to create a long enough and powerful enough wave for Graeff to even reach the dock is incredible.

As seen in the video, he ends up paying the price for the great ride eventually as another wave he takes sends him flying onto the rocks instead.

It’s not everyday you see someone catch a ride this long in a bay and riding through the pylons of a dock.

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