Heilman Wins Tommy Tant Memorial

The pro division winner Jesse Heilman. Photo courtesy T.T./AJ Neste

The pro division winner Jesse Heilman. Photo courtesy T.T./AJ Neste

November 10, 2010 — The 2010 Tommy Tant Memorial Surf Classic presented by Bright House Networks shattered all event records last weekend in Flagler Beach, Florida. By far, this year was the largest event to date, drawing the biggest crowds, most competitors, best line-up of pro surfers, a sold-out food festival, and the most scholarships awarded. The event also made history by hosting the Red Bull Night Riders, an after-dark tow-at specialty event.

Jesse Heilman beat out a stacked final to win the Men's Pro division presented by local restaurants Snack Jack at High Tides and High Jackers. Battling it out in clean chest-high to over-head conditions, Heilman took home the victory from defending Tant Classic champion Aaron Cormican and Jacksonville surfers Cody Thompson and Ryan Briggs.

New Smyrna flyboy Eric Geiselman made the history books this weekend by winning the 2010 Red Bull Night Riders, a specialty event at the Tommy Tant Memorial Surf Classic.

The final day of the competition wrapped up on Sunday, which saw finalists competing in 11 amateur divisions and four pro divisions. Dustin Richardson took home the inaugural Jr. Pro division presented by Cobian Sandals. Jamie Battinger won the Women's Pro division. Event co-founder, Dan Worley defended his eighth Tant Classic title in the Bodyboard Pro.

The food festival and concert presented by local restaurants Blue at Topaz and Flagler Fish Company was a huge success and ended up selling out of tickets. Hundreds of people enjoyed the music by the band Braddigan while dining of the cuisine from 14 local restaurants including Golden Lion, Joseph Bistro, Atlantic Grill, By The Sea Café, Salty Dog, Big Easy Café, Red Sphere, Fisherman's Net, A1A Burrito Works, The Waffle Cone, Chi Dog and Hammock Wine and Cheese.

"We could not have asked for a better event. Thank you to all of our sponsors and everyone involved," said Will Tant, event organizer, pro surfer and brother of the late Tommy Tant.

The Tommy Tant Memorial Surf Classic is in its eleventh year, but this was the first year it hosted the Red Bull Night Riders. For detailed results, photos, and additional information on the event, visit tommytant.com.

Official Results of the 2010 Tommy Tant Presented by Bright House Networks

Men's Pro

1.    Jesse Heilman
2.    Aaron Cormican
3.    Cody Thompson
4.    Ryan Briggs

Jr. Pro Presented by Cobian Sandals

1.    Dustin Richardson
2.    Corey Howell
3.    Noah Schweizer
4.    Eros Exarhou

Women's Pro

1.    Jamie Battinger
2.    Ashley Capitola
3.    Mallory Turner
4.    Tiffany Layton

Bodyboard Pro

1.    Dan Worley
2.    Austin Dalton
3.    Damian Dinham
4.    Luis Linares
5.    Alex Hillier
6.    Kenny Lawrence

Tadpole Final

1.    Ryan Huckabee
2.    Noah Brownell
3.    Evan Tyson
4.    Ella Hoffer
5.    Andrew Fossom
6.    Lilly Dunaway

Menehune Final

1.    Tommy Coleman
2.    Noah Dovin
3.    Chase Elmore
4.    Braedon Bryant
5.    Evan Brownell
6.    Matthew Glenn

Boys Final

1.    Corey Howell
2.    Daniel Glenn
3.    Matthew Zaccaria
4.    Chauncey Robertson
5.    Tyler Newsome
6.    Caleb Goefhart

Jr. Mens Final

1.    Jerry Schaefer
2.    Corey Howell
3.    Robbie Merrill
4.    Austin Clouse
5.    Dylan Hering
6.    Jonathon Heater

Girls/Jr. Women Final

1.    Cierra Cunningham
2.    Elle Klein
3.    Rossi Klein
4.    Jazmine Dean
5.    Chloe Piester
6.    Kaitlyn Dartley

Women's Final

1.    Haley Watson
2.    Chelsea Gresham
3.    Ashley Capitola
4.    Sonni Dawkins
5.    Kara Quirk
6.    Maggie Dorries

Open Mens Final

1.    Brandon Hoffman
2.    Tony Marino
3.    Ben Lacy
4.    Dylan Hering
5.    Tim Deaton
6.    Eric Worley

Master's Final

1.    Stephen Nipple
2.    Ben Lacy
3.    Quinn Thorpe
4.    Darlan Lopes
5.    Ron Wolfe
6.    Kyle Wilson

Grandmasters Final

1.    Bob Lindsley
2.    Jay Smith
3.    Joe Gillen
4.    Steve Hutton
5.    Gus Rodriguez
6.    Mark Bailey

Open Men's Longboard

1.    Daniel Glenn
2.    Matt Novak
3.    Steve Mclean
4.    Dave Dalecki
5.    David Hettel
6.    Joe Gillen

Open Women's Longboard

1.    Chelsea Gresham
2.    Mallory Turner
3.    Hannah Reynolds
4.    Jennifer Lovelace
5.    Chloe Piester
6.    Jazmine Dean