Help Us Pick Miss November!

Help us pick Miss November 2009! It’s an arduous task, but one that we feel you’re up to. The winner will receive a swimsuit from B Swim, some shades courtesy of Spy Optics, and a chance to be named Miss TransWorld SURF 2010!

Without any further ado. we present November’s Top 10. Cast your vote for Miss November in the poll at the bottom of this post…

Ariane23-year old Ariane from Sydney, Australia.

Gabrielle19-year old Gabrielle from Stone Harbor, New Jersey.


26-year old Kimberly from Houston, Texas.

Lauren24-year old Lauren from Honolulu, Hawaii.


26-year old Limarys from Reading, Pennsylvania.

Lindsay19-year old Lindsay from Jupiter, Florida.

Lindsey19-year old Lindsey from Carlsbad, California.

mariette19-year old Mariette from Virginia Beach, Virginia.

natalie24-year old Natalie from Orange County, California.

zoe25-year old Zoe from Honolulu, Hawaii.

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