HIC’s Hat Inflames The Police

If you’re walking down a long, dark alley at night and someone approaches you wearing a ball cap with a Hawaiian Island Creations (HIC) logo on it, beware! That hat may be loaded!

One of HIC’s hat styles has caused a stir with several police departments across the country. The hats come with stash pocket inside the front section of the hat, and according to the law enforcement newsletter, suspects are putting more than just dolla’-dolla’ bills in there.

According to Officer Safety Brief, an inter-departmental police newsletter, “When Officer Joby of the Waterbury Vermont Police Department pulled back the sweatband he found a concealed velcro closure and a hidden compartment. ‘The compartment was empty,’ Joby writes, ‘But it could have easily concealed plenty of contraband, razor blades, or cuff keys.’ Or worse, a knife or handgun.”

The newsletter continues: “In fact, Policeman David Miller with Carlisle Pennsylvania Police Department also recently encountered one of these cap — worn by a suspect who was concealing marijuana inside — and tested the capacity of the concealed compartment with his own Beretta .25 handgun. ‘It sealed just fine,’ says David. ‘And other than the obvious weight, it was not noticeable at all while the hat was being worn.'”

When HIC Men’s Head Designer Baltazar Magdirila got wind of the newsletter, he was disappointed. “We originally designed the hat to hold a Glock and a pager,” says Magdirila. “But we heard it only carries a Beretta, so it’s back to the drawing board.”

If Guns and Roses were still big, then Magdirila would consider a Slash-like top hat — which would meet HIC’s original stash-pocket specs, and then some. But because the glam band has since dissolved, Magdirila says HIC will only move forward with more stash-pocket ball caps.

But what about the legal ramifications? “Well are you gonna bust some company that makes shorts with pockets?” says Magdirila. Probably not.

In fact, the bulletin has spurred an increase in production on the hats. “The original (Officer Safety Brief) message came from the cousin of one of the founders and president of HIC in Hawaii,” says Magdirila. “His police-officer cousin asked him if he can put a stop to it the stash-pocket hats. What was our reaction? We’re making more, dammit!”