High School Check Out: Carlsbad Lancer

If you look at the roster of Carlsbad High School surfers that have graced its halls in years past, you have to wonder how they only recently received their first NSSA High School Western Championship. Names like Taylor Knox, Banning Capps, Brett and Chris Strother, Donovan Stapleton, Pat Maus, Jake Blackburn, Blair Marlin, in addition to legendary guys like Dave and Paul Barr, and Joey Buran are only a handful of some great surfers in years past.

Despite winning numerous CISF titles, it’s amazing this was the team’s first NSSA state title. According to Denny Cooper, Carlsbad’s coach for the last eight years, they’re hoping for some more success at the NSSA Nationals in June, “If state was any indication, between San Clemente and us, it’ll be close.”