Hinano Releases The Kelly Slater, “Sl8er,” Special Edition Beer Can

It seems fitting that, arguably the best surfer of our time, should have his own beer. For years he’s had the liquid gold emptied onto his head, and this has surely given him an appreciation for the fine beverage.     

Hinano Beer, which is distributed by Anheuser-Busch Hawaii, developed the Kelly Slater collector’s can a few months ago to pay tribute to the champ’s 8th World Title. Quiksilver originally designed the logo and authorized that Hinano could use it for these exclusive beer cans. The special edition beer cans will only be available in the Hawaiian Islands, as that is where Hinano is exclusively distributed.    

It’s a dream to have a beer can specifically designed for oneself, and if Kelly gets to a podium this year in Hawaii he can revel in all the glory of that beer shower. The man just seems to be getting better with age, which leaves us wondering, is a Kelly Slater wine in the mix?
– By Ryan Brower