Hipsters Drawing Ire Of Rockaway Locals

A Rockaway “local” rips into a screaming left hander…then complains about hipsters getting in the way. Photo courtesy New York Daily News

Warning: This article was written by kooks and is about kooks.

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The Endless Summer is turning into the Endless Bummer for veteran Rockaway surfers. After fairing a mediocre summer of surf, Rockaway locals are now combating a wave of hipsters who are stealing their rides during hurricane season — the peak period for rideable swells.

"It's ridiculous," said Rockaway long-boarder Richard Livsey, 42. "The hipsters go out there and take waves from people who can actually surf. If they did that in Puerto Rico or Hawaii they would get beaten up." Hurricane season, which officially begins June 1 and ends Nov. 30, is considered the best time to shred at Beach 90th St.

But not this year.

"I've never seen it like this," said Livsey, who has lived on Beach 98th St. for nearly a decade. "If they came here and respected the culture it would be one thing, but they disregard the No. 1 rule in surfing: They drop in on you." Surfers describe riders who hop on waves they're already on as "dropping in."

Heather Yampolsky, who learned to surf in Rockaway 10 years ago, has also noticed the trend. "It's changed drastically since I first learned how to surf," she said. "Everybody is going for the same waves." Yampolsky said she avoids lugging her long-board to Rockaway on weekends due to the influx. But newcomers said the veterans need to make room as the sport gains popularity.

Ryan Hefner, 33, of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, who picked up surfing two years ago, said Rockaway's surf-only beach is where new riders learn. "People are getting surf lessons during the summer and want to surf when it's actually good," he said. "That's a classic surfer debate. No one wants their local spot over-run. At the same time it's tough because it's public space."

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