History Of Shark Attacks In San Diego County

Shark attacks in San Diego have been extremely rare, and have a history of being somewhat peculiar. In 1959 a diver was killed by a white shark near La Jolla Cove, although its authenticity has been called into question over the years. The body was never recovered, and the only witness claimed the victim was swallowed whole, which is rare in white shark attacks on humans. 

In 1994 Michelle von Emster’s body was found in Point Loma, missing a leg. The bite was confirmed to be from a great white and the county ruled her death a result of the bite, but some police have speculated there may have been foul play and her body was dumped in the ocean and then bit by the shark.  

In June of 1995, San Diego newspapers reported that a woman had a large triangle shaped tooth removed from her head by a physician. She was apparently attacked while kayaking off of La Jolla, and was wearing a helmet which no doubt saved her life. Her identity has never been revealed, and attempts to track her down have failed.–Casey Koteen