Hollywood Island Creations: How a private detective increased HIC’s brand awareness.

Baltazar Magdirila has been rubbing elbows with Tinseltown’s hottest stars lately. Ever since the June release of Charlie’s Angels II: Full Throttle, in which private detective/surfer Natalie (Cameron Diaz) rides an HIC surfboard, the HIC designer has played a little bit of the Hollywood socialite.

He’s met Chris Klein, Shannon Elizabeth, Paris Hilton, as well as the “people (i.e., managers) for Brad Pitt, Ashton Kutcher, Colin Farrell, and others — not to name-drop or anything.

So that’s been fun for B, but what’s it meant for HIC? Good things, he says.


Just as Blue Crush and Surf Girls have been for Billabong and Roxy, respectively, the exposure from Charlie’s Angels has been a boon for HIC. “We’ve received some calls for the Siren Dot artwork that was on Cameron Diaz’s board and on her left bicep in the movie, he says. “That T-shirt and sticker are doing well at retail, too — all because of the movie.

This winter the brand signed a licensing agreement with Lupo Licensing to make and market its girls’ apparel line, and the movie certainly gave Lupo’s debut line for HIC a push. “It’s giving the girls {line} a kick-start, says Magdirila.

Indeed, Marci Lackey, Lupo’s marketing manager, says following the release of the movie the clothing manufacturer got orders for all four Fred Segal stores. “That was very exciting, she says. “They’re super excited about the movie. Lupo has also done test orders of its contemporary line with PacSun and Tilly’s (Lackey says those orders were based around the Siren Dot screen seen in the movie).

Even without Charlie’s Angels, it’s probable Lupo would’ve gotten the new business. Lackey agrees: “I think they’re orders we would have eventually gotten, but I think that this whole movie sort of thing helped jolt it a little bit.


Due in part to the brand’s appearance in the movie, HIC was invited to market their wares at the Cabana Beauty Buffet, a celeb-filled shindig in Hollywood Hills that served as the pre-MTV Movie Awards party. It was there that Magdirila got up close and personal with some of the entertainment industry’s brightest stars — and where the stars got a taste of the HIC brand.

“They{Lupo} used that logo on a boyfriend-beater tank, and it was a hit at the shindig, the designer recalls. “We passed them out to all the right Hollywood types. Since that event, the girls {Lupo} made a lot more tanks for the likes of Tilly’s and PacSun.


The exposure from the movie — not to mention HIC’s role in the MTV Movie Award party — put the brand on the radar screens of lots of folks who wouldn’t have considered it otherwise. And even though the Charlie’s Angels sequel didn’t reach Titanic numbers, it’s still given HIC invaluable exposure.

“Now the buzz for the movie is kind of gone, and those test orders are going have to speak for themselves, Lackey says. “We’re very excited to see what’s going to happen at the {trade} shows.