Honolua Surf Co. Welcomes Hans Hagen To The Team

The Highly-respected Surfer Will Be Ambassador-at Large for Honolua Surf Brand

IRVINE, Calif., — Honolua Surf Company is pleased to announce the addition of surfing pro Hans Hagen to the HONOLUA SURF CO. Hagan will be joining the Honolua Surf Co.’s staff in late October 2006.

“Honolua Surf Co. sees Han as one of the most versatile surfing personalities in the industry, said Pat Fraley, Brand Manager at Honolua Surf Co. “We were really looking for someone who could represent the brand; someone who was out living the lifestyle but had a strong grasp of the industry and a more sophisticated understanding of the business too.

Hans will be leading the effort in marketing as a roving ambassador for all of Honolua Surf Co.’s retailers as well as working on special events and marketing initiatives. He will also continue to travel, do photo shoots and model the line.

“It’s vital to have an ambassador of the brand that fits our vibe, says Design & Marketing head Eric Diamond of Honolua Surf Co. USA. “Hans is well-respected, got the model looks and is a family man — a great fit for our brand and our customer. He’s a great surfer and well-rounded waterman who can truly represent the product, share the same stoke we have and grow with the brand.

A former competitive surfing professional, Hans been making his livelihood from surfing since 1990, via contests, modeling, film-making, journalism and marketing.

“It’s an honor to be a part Honolua Surf program. says Hans. “It is such an opportunity to work with both the lifestyle and business side of the sport.

“Honolua promotes the overall waterman lifestyle because that is ultimately what the surfing culture is — not just surfing but also just being in the water, says Fraley. “What we are trying to do is convey a feeling that is rooted in surfing. We’re a modern company but we also embrace everything that is good about surfing — past and present. So we needed to have a specific, hard-to-find guy.

“We were very patient in finding the right person for this role, explains Pat Fraley. “With Hans we have definitely partnered up correctly. He will be an integral member of the Honolua team.