How To Become A Surf Star Using Only Photoshop!

Becoming a surf star is so easy these days. All you need is a computer (preferably a Mac), a picture of yourself, and the drive deep in your heart to become a real surf star.

Lets begin.

Step one: Find a photo of a guy doing something really cool on a surfboard.

Step two: photoshop your head onto the picture.

Step three: Send it to a surf mag and watch as they print it, ,making you a totally awesome surf star.

Here’s some shots shots I made on my way to becoming a surf star.

Photo 1: Here I am at Backdoor. I remember getting this tube and just thinking, god damn I rip.


Photo 2: Here I am at Pipeline. Otherwise known as the Banzai Pipeline. This was a smaller tube for me, but still fun.


Photo 3: I love winning contest. I won the World Title in the Junior division and all my Brazilian friends held me up on their shoulders.