How To: Can I Get A Frontside Snap With A Side Of Layback?

How to add flair and style to your frontal whacks.

As you go into your snap, begin to straighten out your front leg and bend your back knee. Apply ample pressure to the tail, and really try to engage your fins by pushing off your back foot.

Keep on pushing off your tail. Here’s where you’ll start to add the style and flair to your snap. Start to lean back and turn your chest toward your board. Turn at the waist, and reach down into the water with your back arm-raising your front arm will keep you balanced.

Drag your arm in the water, and let your knees come toward your chest. Try to look at the tail of your board, this will help you stay above your board and also help you stay in the layback position (plus it adds an extra hint of style to the position). Keep pressure on your back foot, here’s where you’ll be throwing a massive fan if you keep pushing.

As you end your turn, keep a low center of gravity. If you stand up straight out of it, you’re gonna look like an awkward dork. Do as Ben does here-keep your knees bent, and turn your body toward the beach.

How To Strip Your Wax

Taking off wax is a pain in the ass, but here’re a few tips to make it easier on you.

Use a wax comb with a sharp edge on the part that’s scraping the wax and a dull edge on the part that fits in your hand. If there’re teeth on both sides, you’re gonna hurt your sensitive little palm.

After most of the wax is scraped off, use a rag to rub the rest off. You have to rub hard-if it’s cold and the wax isn’t coming off, you may need to resort to a “Wax Pickle” or a sock filled with sand.

If you want a super-duper clean board, use some acetone. This stuff is bad for you, though, so don’t use it in a closed garage or sniff the rag after you’re done rubbing your board.

Pay a bum or a kid to take your wax off.

Buy a new board when your wax gets dirty.