How To Defend Yourself Against A Shark Attack

How To Defend Yourself Against A Shark Attack


Sharks are wondrous creatures, but they also pose a very real and very deadly threat. You've seen the television programs and you've watched the movies. We've also told you about some miraculous stories of survival; instances when ocean goers were attacked, but survived the nightmare. Now, join us, as we prepare you for these beasts of the deep.

You will probably never be attacked by a shark. The chances of you even seeing a shark, let alone getting attacked by one while you're enjoying a swim or a wave on your surfboard, are slim, but if an attack does occur, it's best to be equipped with the information you need to survive. If you find yourself the wanton prey of the ocean's deadliest creatures, here are tactics to keep in mind.

Quickly Spot The Shark In The Water
You'd be surprised by how many people forget they're sharing the ocean with billions of other organisms. Some of these organisms, like sharks, are big and bold enough to inflict mortal wounds if they attack. Make sure to keep an eye on your surrounding area. If you do spot a shark's fin, or really any fin, always keep it in your sight. If it doesn't attract too much unwanted attention, try and notify others in your area of the shark's presence. If it's large enough, and stays in your area, it's time to head for shore.

Don't Panic
The moment you realize there's a huge fin in the water, you shouldn't suddenly hear the alternating pattern of the two chilling notes from Jaws in your head and kick into action. Remember to keep your cool. Yes, there are safer environments to be than shark-infested beaches, but thrashing frantically only draws more attention to yourself. You can even play dead if you're calm enough to do so: sharks are more liable to go for a lively bit of meat than one dead and prostrate in the water. Remember, however, to keep your eyes open and your body poised to defend. If stealth doesn't work, don't just hope the shark loses interest because you've now become prey.