How To Do Alley-oop Method Airs

words by Pat Bollinger

Step One:Keep your speed down the line. Then find the curling lip air section, project up, and ollie with your back foot to keep the board centered at a slight 90-degree angle.

Step Two: To maintain control, grab your outside rail with your left hand (method), and look at the tail in the air to make sure it’s right above the lip for the reentry point.

Step Three: At the highest point, level out the board by putting more weight on your front foot and pulling your knees toward your chest for height while holding the rail to keep it even.

Step Four:Aim your tail down the face¿concentrate on landing level backward. Keep your weight evenly balanced on the lip so you have enough speed to stay with the wave.

Step Five:Stay low to your board, and go with the flow. The landing should be soft.

Step Six: Keeping your weight centered and staying low, try to be in the middle of the wave so you don’t land over the back of the wave or too far in the flats. Don’t try to force it, just let it happen.

Step Seven: Once you get through the turbulence of the white water, start rotating and your board will spin back around straight by itself.

Step Eight:Now that you’re at the bottom, it helps to hold your left or front hand directly over the nose of your board for control. Set up for your next maneuver.