How To Do An Open-Faced Turn On A Mushy Wave


Open-faced sandwiches are not sandwiches at all—they’re pizzas in disguise. Open-faced turns, however, are real turns. In mushy waves, this move is a necessity, and if done correctly, can look really cool. Let’s watch Taylor Knox for some insight on the open-faced turn.

1.The key to this move is generating as much speed as the wave has to offer. When you go into your bottom turn, lengthen it out a little bit. Try to go out toward the shoulder instead of straight up at the lip, because there isn't really any lip.

Hint: Don't go too far down on your bottom turn–you might lose all your speed trying to get to the top of the wave.

2.Flatten out your board to give it a bigger planing surface. This will help you maintain your speed into the actual turn.

Hint: Center your weight over your board and try to be light on your feet.

3.Push off your back foot. Keep the tail in the wave–tailslides on mushy waves look stupid.

Hint: Don't dig too hard into your turn on mushy waves. If you do, you're more likely to bog and fall.

4.Keep your head down and your knees bent. As you feel the axis of the turn ending, start your recovery and transfer your weight back to the center of the board.