How To Do Backside Airs Better With Dane Reynolds

This is a picture-perfect backside air. You may know how to do backside airs, or you may not. Either way, if you’d like to learn how to do them the right way, you need to look closely at how Dane does it. Sure, this air is being done on a perfect, chest-high ramp in Indo, but you use what you have available. Read and learn.

1.Here’s where your wave selection and instincts start. You need to look for this type of section: a little crumble on top of a steep section. Of course, you’ll need a lot of speed and a good bottom turn to get into this position.

2.As you start to launch, don’t bend down and reach for the board-let the board come up into your hand. Try to go as high as the speed you have lets you-don’t try too hard to get high, or else you’ll be doing a wheelie.

3.This is one thing that makes a good air great. When you grab, grab hard and try to pinch the rail above your front foot. Make sure your thumb is on the deck of your board-nobody likes palm grabs. Keep your eyes on the landing spot.

4.Let the tail raise up and the nose level off. This will make your backside air better! Wheelies are lame.

5.Keep holding on. Notice that Dane is always looking at the landing. That’s what will help you pull the air.

6.As your air reaches its peak, slowly decompress your body, while keeping your knees bent.

7.As you start coming down, try to press your weight down onto the deck of the board to stay connected.

8. Stay connected!

9.As you land, the most important thing is to keep your knees bent and try to ride into the curve of the wave so your landing is smooth, not all hard and awkward.

10. Ride it out and act casual. Don’t freak out and point to the beach-be cool.