How To Do Bert Slides

words by Rob Machado”For me, this was one of those turns that you kind of make up as you go along.”¿Rob Machado

First lets talk about the name, “The Bert.” Break out the history books and look up “Bert slide,” and it’ll probably say “see Larry Bertleman.” He’s a Hawai’ian and was probably the first guy to do really good forehand snaps with an afro. So that’s the deal with the name.

These shots were taken in the Maldives and the waves were really good for surfing, especially for experimentation¿perfect little skatepark lefts, warm water, light winds … it was all good.

Step One:Start with bottom turning into a tight little carve.

Step Two:As soon as you get up to the lip, look for a little crumble in the lip. Do your turn there, it’ll help break your fins loose.

Steps Three, Four, and Five:This is where the Bertleman influence really kicks in. He must’ve been into yoga, ’cause if I wasn’t, I would’ve blown out a knee, for sure. So flexibility is obviously really important. Make sure to keep your weight on your front foot until you feel your fins catch.

Step Six:You’ve made it through the hardest part, so straighten out and try on the next one.

If you want to see this in real-life, check out Taylor Steele’s new movie, “Hit And Run.”