How To Do Frontside Slob Airs

Words by Zach Rhinehart”There’re a lot of different grabs you can do when it comes to pulling airs. I learned from watching the originator¿Christian Fletcher. Grabbing slob is just one way to keep the board under your feet¿don’t hesitate to try any variation of grabs in order to enhance your surfing ability.”¿Zach Rhinehart

Step One:First, you need to have a lot of speed. Spot the section you want to hit, and bottom turn halfway up the face so you can have the speed to project out of the wave.

Step Two:Do your normal frontside ollie¿stay low over your boardwith your weight centered, projecting according to how steep thewave is.

Step Three:Start your grab as you’re coming out of the lip so you can level it out on your way down. Grab with your front hand on the outside of your front knee¿that’ll keep the board under your feet.

Step Four:Once you’re at your highest point, you want to spot your landing.

Steps Five and Six: As you come in, spot the landing on the lip, and then tryto ride the transition out¿come down with the falling water. If youhave to, land disaster on the lip (with your fins out the back).

Step Seven:Stay low so you can stick it.