How To Do Lien Air-Reverses

How To Do Lien Air-Reverses
Words by Josh Hoyer


“Dave Post once told me to look at the nose of my board when trying air reverses. By doing a frontside air and looking toward the front of the board, it gets your head going in the right direction to do it¿it just takes practice. That’s pretty much the thing, just putting the two together¿doing air-reverses and liens. Practice them both and put the two together.”

See Textbook Volume Two, Number Three for lien airs, and Textbook Volume Two, Number Five for air-reverses.

Step One:

Look for the standard setup to do an air-reverse.

Step Two:

This is the hardest part because you’re trying to grab lien (front hand grabbing inside rail) without falling over too much¿just let your body spin.

Step Three:

While still holding lien, follow through with it.

Steps Four Through Eight:

Make sure you’re still spinning and focusing on the lien while you’re in the air¿not falling over. Try to land soft¿it’ll pretty much spin itself around because all your weight’s on your front foot from the grab. Once you start sliding backward, you can just let go and transfer your weight. Then the board will catch and spin you around.