How To: Frontside Floater With Chris Ward

The Key To A Successful Frontside Floater Is Speed.

The more speed you have, the faster you’ll project over the section and into your next maneuver-which is the main point of doing a floater. Consider it a set-up maneuver. Check out here how Wardo takes his Lowers-bred, frontside floater to the Superbank.

1. This is the perfect section for a big frontside floater. If it were throwing out more, he would have backdoored it and pulled in. Any mushier, and Wardo would’ve most likely aired right over it.

2. With his body centered over his board, Wardo unweights and floats the boat. At this point, he’s controlling his direction with his front foot.

3. Completely weightless (hence the term “floater”), Wardo keeps his knees bent in anticipation of a bumpy landing.

4. At this stage, he’s flying down the line and getting ready to bunny hop off the lip and into the flats.

5. Still aiming down the line, he has his arm above his head to balance himself out.

6. It’s important to keep your knees bent when you land the floater, otherwise you could buckle ’em-not fun.

7. In the last frame, Wardo relaxes, gathers himself, and sizes up the next section.

How To Strap Your Board To The Roof Of Your Car

Sounds simple, but how many people do you see cruising with their sticks nose first? Don’t do it! It puts too much strain on your board and could even buckle it. Also, put a couple twists in the straps so they don’t vibrate and drive everyone in the car nuts.