How To: Frontside Snap To Floater

Two maneuvers are better than one.

Usually a floater is reserved for either a) a closeout at the end of your ride, or b) a means of getting past a section. The thing is, floaters are boring for the more advanced surfer. As a way to spice up an otherwise basic maneuver, let’s follow the example of Andy Irons and figure out how to do two maneuvers in one-the frontside snap to floater.

1. As Andy bottom turns, he’s eyeing the exact spot on the lip where he wants to do a snap. If he hits the lip in the steeper part of the wave, it’ll project him out toward the flats. If he does his turn where there’s no lip, there won’t be anything to float on.

2. In this frame, it’s just a standard off the lip-but A.I. has a trick up his sleeve.

3-5. Notice how he begins to shift his weight over the top of his board-it’s the key to this maneuver.

6. His weight centered over his board, Andy floats as long as his speed will allow him to and looks for a spot to land.

7-9. As Andy air drops off the roof and toward the flats, notice how he’s pointed straight toward the beach to land smoothly. Land at an angle, and you’re asking to dig rail and faceplant.

10-11. Land with your knees bent. If you don’t, you’ll look like a kook and you could buckle your knees.

12. Ride it out, and get ready to do it again.

Warning: This is the same maneuver Mick Fanning was attempting to do when he slipped off the back of his board and ripped his leg muscle clean from the bone. Start off on small waves, and work your way up slowly.-Justin Cotà‡