How To: How To Ride That Bucking Board!

How to stay attached to your board while tossing tail.

It’s one thing to throw the tail and flail about with your big toe barely holding on. Yes, it’s awesome looking, but is it really something you can learn? These beautiful mistakes are unplanned and nearly immposible to teach. Staying over your board during these kind of moves is something that can be learned and can help you in every other aspect of your surfing. Here’s an example of a controlled tail whip-out as performed by Marlon Gerber.

1.ATL (above the lip) surfing starts with the propulsion of your board above the lip-line. Use your speed, and go into your snap like the wave is a foot bigger than it actually is. Extend your turn above the lip.

2.Throw the tail! Whip that thing like a goddamn Devo song while using your forward momentum to hold the board against your feet.

3.Here’s when most of us spin out of control. As the nose of Marlon’s board hits the water, he applies pressure to his front foot and digs into his wax. Of course his knees are bent and he’s loose. Notice that his back foot is firmly pressed against the tail pad.

4.Here, Marlon centers his feet and weight over the board and bends his knees. Centered weight is the key.

5.When your tail comes whipping back around, you’ll need to apply pressure to your front foot. This will prevent your tail from pearling-think of it like a fin-first takeoff.

6.Engage, Maverick! Push your fins into the soup, and get those bastards to catch. Then you can start your rotation back to going forward.

7-9. Start to slowly stand up. Ride that soup, and get your balance back.

Hint: Always bring wax to the beach. A fresh wax job will help you stay on your board.

How To Care For Booties

1.Don’t put them in the dryer, dipshit.

2.Rinse them out with fresh water after each session. Get rid of the stale piss.

3.Try to dry them out of direct sunlight. Direct sunlight will make them stiff and crispy.

4.Hang them to dry upside down so the water can flow out of the boot. If water gathers in the toes, bootie soup will follow, and that shit sucks.

5.Avoid extended walks on asphalt or gravel.

6.Pull them off slowly. Be gentle-booties are your friends.