How To Land An Air With Chris Ward


If you choose to defy the laws of gravity, you’ll find yourself in the air. Humans can generally only defy these laws for brief moments. In surfing, getting into the air is the easy part—the landing is where things always seem to go wrong. Here’re some hints to help you land an air—and not break your legs in the process.

Chris Ward has been a master of the air for many years now. Here he shows why by launching a large frontside 180, landing fakie, and spinning it around with ease.

A.As Chris comes down for a landing, he centers his weight over the middle of his board and keeps his knees bent. He also starts letting his tail lift up so he doesn’t pearl upon landing.

Hint: Widening up the stance a bit before landing will help your success rate.

B. Notice how he looks at his landing—this is crucial. You have to see where on the wave you’re about to land, so you can adjust accordingly. His knees are bent and preparing for touchdown.

Hint: Airs are the cause of countless injuries. Don’t be a victim—bend your knees, and always stretch before you surf.

C.As his board hits the water, he’s sure to keep most of his weight on his front foot. Otherwise, his tail would dig and he’d fall. Knees are always bent.

Hint: Airs look the best when you land on top of the wave. They look ugly when you land in the flats. Aim for the lip on the landing.Here Chris shifts his weight back and lets his fins catch, ultimately beginning his spin back forward.

Hint: Here’s where a tail block comes in very handy—notice that Chris is stuck to his.—C.C