How To – Laying Down The Foundation

The basic top turn is the foundation of radical surfing. After you learn how to pump down the line, do little cutbacks, and basic floaters, the next step is to take it to the lip!

Step one: A good bottom turn is the key to a good top turn. As you dig into your bottom turn, keep your eyes fixed on the lip where you’re about to hit it. Knees bent, hips loose, start your projection around the breaking lip.

Step two: As you begin ascending, start to swivel your hips to where the front side of your hip and upper leg is facing the wave.

Step three: As the lip approaches, square your shoulders off right at it. Keep your eyes on the spot where you plan to smash that lip. Bend your front knee, and begin to push off the ball of your back foot.

Step four: Now you’re doing it! As your board reaches the top of the lip, raise your back arm as if to reach down the line of the wave. This will help you bring your weight around and help you look stylish-think vintage Tom Curren.

Step five: Hammer down that back foot, and lighten up the front foot. Let your momentum pull you through the turn.

Hint: If you force your back foot too hard, you’ll throw the tail out the back and slide out. Don’t go for tailsides until you have this turn down.

Step six: Compress your body, and keep your weight centered over the middle of your board. Start to look down the line.

Step seven: Lean forward, and start adding weight to your front leg. Push your head forward as well-this will help you project out of your turn.

Step eight: Lean forward, and start to stand back up while re-centering your body weight.

How To Walk With Your Leash On And Not Trip Like A Moron.

Walking with your board while your leash is on isn’t as easy as it may seem. If you don’t hold your leash in your fingers between your hand and rail as you walk, you’ll trip over your leash and look like a dork. Don’t let this happen to you!