How to Pack For A Boat Trip

How to Pack For A Boat Trip

The thing you forget will be the one thing you need. Here are ten essentials:


1. Suncreen. Especially zinc, ’cause white skin in the tropics, it burn. It burn bad.

2. Quiver. Minimum of three boards—you’ll snap two, garrunts.

3. Surf hardware. Wax, leashes (multiple), ding kits, rashies, spare fins, fin keys.

4. Greenbacks. Take some spare leafs of the US currency and bury ’em deep in your bag. US bills are like get-outta-shit-free cards.

5. First aid kit/mosquito repelent. The Red Cross does a good one, but you want Peroxide and anibiotics as well. Mozzie replent is a must, and if you’re on the continuous Malaria vacination don’t forget your pills.

6. Something warm. Doesn’t have to be your $300 jeans and a fur coat, but bring along at least one jumper and a pair of pants for air-conditioned airports and boat hulls. Long sleeves and legs are also the best guard against mozzies.

7. Video camera. Gotta take some primo home to rub in the boys’ faces.

8. Music/instument/books/mags. Days are long, and you can only surf so much. Nights are longer.

9. Skin-care products. At the risk of sounding like a full-blown hoof, two weeks in the sun and wind can do so much damage to your hair and skin. Take a dildo, too, if you’re so inclined.

10. Optional. Booties, surf sunnies, connies, surf hat, there’re a whole bunch of products that come in handy and can keep you in the water longer. But generally when exploring, less is more.