How To Shave With Jay Larson

How To Shave With Jay LarsonBlair Marlin asks all the right questions.


Blair: How often do you have to shave anyway, once a day?

Jay Larson: No, every two or three days.

Why do you shave? The ladies like scruff, it’s a known fact.

It gets itchy, and it rubs on the neck of your wetsuit¿not good.

Why don’t you want to use cold water to shave?

The hot water loosens the skin and moisturizes it with help of the shaving cream. The hot blade runs more smoothly against my skin.

You know when you test the water before surfing and you have to go pee¿does that happen when you shave?

No, but the sound …

When do you know you have to shave? Do you wait for someone to tell you?

When I start looking like an illegal alien.

Step One:

First, you want to get the right water temperature¿as hot as it f¿kin’ gets, the better.

Step Two:

Now I’m applying the “Pro Gel” from Gillette Edge. It’s one of the premium brands of shaving cream¿it lathers really smoothly and foamy. Rub it onto all areas you want to shave, then let it hang out and soak in. This stimulates the hair follicles on your face and readies them for the axing.

Step Three:

Now I’m running the blade under the hot water to warm it. I’m going in a downward motion, starting at the sideburns. These blades are sweet, Mach Three. You don’t want to apply too much pressure, just enough to where you know you have a good contact with the skin. You don’t want to stab and cut yourself. If you get cut with a blade, you’re going to be bleeding for a while.

I usually only shave downward because it gets close, but not super close to where it irritates the skin. If I want a real close shave, I’ll go both directions. That will definitely make it smoother, but you can also get razor burn that way. It’s not that necessary, unless it’s for work, or something.

Any last tips for all the kids out there learning how to shave?

Take your time and don’t try to rush it. Get really close to the mirror. Don’t be scared of the blade, it’s your friend. Also, the neck is a sensitive spot. The trick to the Adam’s apple is to stick your chin out, and tilt your head up to flatten out the area you want to shave.

The more you shave, the faster your hair will grow in, so if you can avoid shaving¿do it. Don’t start unless you have to. You might think you’re manly, but you’re going to wish you didn’t have to. One last tip: Don’t ever shave in the TransWorld SURF bathroom.